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Geocaching for groups at Uusimaa region

Price includes 4 persons.Extras:
  • Osallistujat€30.00


Ketunretket Oytimo.repo@saunalahti.fi+358405430597Company id:3217082-1Merchant terms

The founders of Ketunretket organize customized trips and trainings for groups and companies to introduce them to the hobby of geocaching in Uusimaa.

To start the hobby, you need a smartphone and an internet connection.

We will first set up a username and password for you, allowing you to enter this fascinating group of people who enjoy the outdoors and Gyro the Gearloose (thanks mr Disney) way of inventing new kind of hideouts, who climb trees, crawl in forests and rock crevices, are inconspicuous when moving around the city and otherwise behave suspiciously... are they even the so-called "normal people" ?? Come along and find out!