Ketunretket is formed of two professional travel guides Arja Nieminen and Timo Repo.

Arja has decades of experience working as travel guide, including skiing guide in the Alps, travel group leader in Scandinavia and day-tour guide in Finland.

Timo is a Nature- and wilderness professional guide, having also hobbies on kayaking, geocaching and hiking in the nature.

We are both authorized travel guides in Finland; including Helsinki, Tuusula, Hyvinkää, Riihimäki.

We plan and provide guide services and day-tour services in Helsinki and southern Finland area.

Verkkokauppamme suomenkielinen versio löytyy osoitteesta ketunretket verkkokauppa Tervetuloa!

Culture Tours in Helsinki and Tuusula

350,00 €

Day tour to Porvoo and Helsinki

490,00 €

Happiness with a hobby horse tour

150,00 €

Heritage Santa Claus visit

85,00 €

Kellokoski Iron Works tour

186,00 €

Private Bicycle Excursion to Northern Nuuksio National Park with FatBikes

350,00 €

Private excursion to Hyvinkää Sveitsi Wilderness Forest

110,00 €

Private picnic day tour to Suomenlinna

140,00 €

Private picnic seascape with a meal to Porkkala peninsula

310,00 €

Santa Claus virtual tour to the Helsinki Christmas Market

120,00 €

Secrets of Salmijärvi - canoetour with Pehtoori

85,00 €

Snowshoe trekking

110,00 €

Tentsile -elämys Tuusulanjärven rannalla

180,00 €

Tour to Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari

125,00 €

Tuusula Art and Nature Tour

350,00 €

Tuusula Military history tour

350,00 €

Vuokraa Tentsile - Connect

From 50,00 €

Vuokraa Tentsile - Stingray

From 70,00 €

Vuokraa Tentsile-Flite+

From 40,00 €