Ketunretket can supply tours for small groups with private transport, Original Finnish Sauna Experience services.

We do also sell high quality quide products, like speech amplifiers.

Charger for Shidu Amplifier

USB 5V / 2A charger, suitable for speech amplifier


Dried Black Wax Mushroom

Black Wax Mushroom (Hygrophorus Camarophyllus) is a delicious, three-star edible mushroom. It can be fried in the pan as such, and then a sweet, perfumed aroma spreads to the kitchen.This package...



Dried chaga filter pack

This product includes 10 packets of chaga (Inonotus obliquus) groats, packed into a 9 gram filter pack. Pack can be placed directly into your coffee pan while cooking coffee on open fire in the...


Dried Chaga powder

Dried Chaga Powder includes Chaga Polypore (Inonotus obliquus), which grows on birch trees. Chaga includes high quantities of antioxidants that help you to stay healthy.


Dried Meadowsweet flowers

Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) is a perennial grass with a creamy-white fragrant inflorescence. Meadowsweet has traditionally been used to flavor a variety of beverages such as wines, mead and...


Forest Troll's Magic Potion 7g

Sauna-Mama makes her own mixture of herbs. They can be used as hot drink or a mixture of tea.


Geocaching for groups at Uusimaa region

Geocaching is a playful treasure hunt with modern equipment, in which people of all ages and abilities can participate.We organize cache trips and train new enthusiasts.


Guide Speech Wireless Amplifier

Travel guide speech amplifier with wireless UHF microphone.


Guided tour to Lake Tuusula Road sights

Welcome to the Culture Road tour of Tuusula!During this tour we will have the opportunity to explore for instance the Artist home Museum of Pekka Halonen, visit the Lotta Svärd Museum and admire...


Home Network Cabling cross-connect cabinet

Metal cabinet for small Home Networking cables and cross-connecting.Cabinet has been a demo package for IBM Smart Home Networking, never used or installed.


Kettumamma's coniferous resin paste

Kettumamma's Coniferous resin paste can be used as a treatment with itchy skin, small wounds, insect bites and other skin allergic reactions. Packaged in 35ml aluminium jar.Also available with...


Kettumamma's footbath

Kettumamma's footbath is a refreshing mixture of Finnish organic herbs.


Kettumamma's herby footbath salt 85g

Sauna-Mama makes her own mixture of footbath herbs. They can be used in sauna events to create a relaxing herbal footbath.


Ketunpoika's pawcream 15ml

Sauna-Mama produces several own mixtures from Finnish nature herbs. They are used in Ketunpoika's pawcream, that can be used for treating wounded or hardened skin.


Ketunpoika's PowerNettle

Nettle (Urtica dioica) is a perennial plant, 1 to 2 m (3 to 7 ft) tall in the summer and dying down to the ground in winter. This herb is one of the most powerful herb containing a lot of iron,...


Kipinätär Chaga Honey

Kipinätär Chaga Honey contains natural Finnish Honey and Chaga Polypore, which grows on birch trees. Chaga includes high quantities of antioxidants that help keep you in good health. Use with tea,...


MACKIE DFX-12 Sound Mixer

Used Mackie DFX-12 Sound Mixer


Matkahuolto delivery and packing for the Shidu amplifier

Optional delivery and packing for Shidu voice amplifier through Matkahuolto: Packing and shipping through Matkahuolto in Finland.


Memory Card 16Gb

Memory card suitable for Guide Speech Amplifier. Capacity 16Gb.


Memory Card 32Gb

Memory card suitable for Guide Speech Amplifier. Capacity 32Gb.


Mushroom soup ingredient sheep polypore

Sheep Polypore grows everywhere in Finland. In the southern part this mushroom can be found more often than in the north. This ingredient of mushroom soup will give a nice fruity taste of clean...


Mushroom soup ingredient Funnell Chanterel

Funnell Chanterells are mild tasting mushrooms that can be found in finnish forests pretty late in the autumn time. Sometimes you can pick them up after the first snow has fallen.Then it is the...


Paterson System 4 film development tank (used)

Paterson System 4 developing tank incl. reel for 35mm films. product is used.Vintage from the 1970s


Sauna-Mama's Footbath herb mix

Sauna-Mama makes her own mixture of footbath herbs. They can be used in sauna events to create a relaxing herbal footbath.


Sauna-Mama's footbath herb Wild Marjoram

Wild Marjoram (Origanum vulgare) is a perennial herb that can be used as a mixture of herbs or as flavour in food.


Sauna-Mama's whisking sauna service beside a lake

Finland has been named as the happiest nation in the world, there's no doubt about that. One reason for this happiness is the old traditional sauna, where your mind and body clears from the work...


Used Evolution MK249-c2 Midi keyboard

Used Midi keyboard Evolution MK249-C2


Vintage electric heater Ismet 2kW from the 1950 era

Metal body electric heater / blower, made by German company Ismet.


Vintage Linguaphone 45rpm vinyl English course

Vintage pack of Linguaphone English course with 45rpm records.Course English to Finnish students.These records can be used with "normal" record player.


Vintage Linguaphone 78rpm vinyl English course with books and case

Vintage pack of Linguaphone English course with 78rpm records and books.Course English to Finnish students.Remember that you will need to have an "old type" of record player!


Vintage mechanical calculator FACIT

Retro-type table-top calculator that does not need electric power to operate!


Vintage NMT car phone Nokia Mobira

Nokia vintage NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephone) car telephone, unused, demo equipment from 1980 era.