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Day tour to Porkkala peninsula

Price includes 2 persons.Extras:
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Explore stunningly beautiful Porkkala peninsula with easy walks on hiking trails!

This day trip takes you the shores of the Gulf of Finland in Porkkala which is located some 50 kilometers west of Helsinki. Walk on the cliffs and trails among scenic landscape, see fascinating wildlife and enjoy a picnic by open fire. 

There is a lot to see. The distance between Finland and Estonia is only 36 kilometers here so many migratory birds use this area as a route from south to northern Europe. Also many white-tailed deer wander in the forest, often so near the road that they can be spotted from a passing car. Most often they see you first, and then all you see is just the bounzing white tail running away. 

There are many official sites to prepare food over an open fire, some of them are pretty near the parking places, so even small children can walk to them. The longest walk to the southernmost peak is 1,3 kilometers from the parking place.

Our tour includes transportation and making pancakes on a campfire.