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Happiness with a hobby horse tour

€150.00 / 3 h
Price includes 2 persons. Extras:
  • Aikuiset€65.00


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Happiness with a hobby horse (Kepparilla kuoharille in Finnish) tour is a guided tour in the city center of Helsinki, a place to show up to unknown people... during this tour your team will ride in the park and streets with a hobby horse, so the question is: ​ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH TO RIDE?

The tour ends with a glass of sparkling drink in the park. 
Our trendy horses and hobby reindeer are high quality handmade products from Finland, and the tour price includes the rent of the hobby horses. After the tour you can of course buy the horse to bring it home!

This tour is aimed especially to "mothers suffering of frustrations" and our medicine includes a lot of visibility and happy faces in the center of Helsinki.

Hobby horse riding is a competition sport in Finland, and it can also be found in United Kingdom, as Prince William just got his own horse from Finland.