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Used Evolution MK249-c2 Midi keyboard

Used Evolution MK249-c2 Midi keyboard

1 pcs Evolution MK-249


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Evolution MK-249C MIDI keyboard is the ultimate controller for PC and Mac music enthusiasts who demand hands-on, real-time control over sound effects, software plug-ins, and virtual instruments. The keyboard--which connects to your computer through its USB port for instant plug-and-play adaptability--includes 49 full-size touch-sensitive keys, 12 assignable rotary controllers, an assignable slider, and an assignable modulation wheel. Once the user assigns a controller, the settings are permanently memorized even when the power is off thanks to the 10 nonvolatile memories. Among the available assignments are such effects as pitch bend, coarse tune, fine tune, and aftertouch. The keyboard also lets users choose among 13 velocity curves, transmit a snapshot of all current controller values, transpose the keyboard up and down by octaves or semitones, and even trigger a short demo sequence to make sure everything's hooked up correctly. In addition, a custom MIDI-to-GamePort adapter cable provides an alternate MIDI interface--with power--for Windows users without USB ports.