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Dried Meadowsweet leaves



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Inflorescences contain mineral salts that increase urine flow. Flowers have been used to cure eg. rheumatism and colds. Tea made from meadowsweet should not be brewed, as it will destroy some of its active ingredients.

An unknown acid from its leaves was isolated in 1939 by German chemists. This acid was renamed spiroic acid according to plant's Latin name spiraea ulmaria. Other scientists named the same acid salicylic acid, because they isolated the same substance from Salix willow leaves. Later scientists added an acetyl group to spiroic acid, which maintained the drug effects but reduced the side effects. Acetylspiric acid, became Aspirin, the world's most famous drug brand!

Meadowsweet tea has also been used in hair washing to encourage hair growth. In plant dyeing, meadowsweet gives a deep yellow and green color.

Ketunpoika's dried Meadowsweet leaves (Filipendula ulmaria) have been picked, dried and packed by Ketunretket in Järvenpää Finland. Product of Finland. Packed in 1 dl paper bag, weight 10 grams.