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Sauna-Mama's whisking sauna service beside a lake

Price includes 3 persons.Extras:
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The Authentic Sauna-Mama heritage sauna experience is now available to the customers of Ketunretket.

This experience contains whisking service provided by experienced heritage sauna specialist Sauna-Mama Arja, a herbal bath for your feet, a face mask or peat bath on your face. After the warm sauna you have the opportunity to swim in a chrystal clear water of a lake, or during winter time, to dip in an icy cold pit in the lake.

If you have never had the opportunity to try a Heritage Sauna Experience, don't worry! Sauna-Mama Arja's sauna school will tell you everything you need to know about the Real Finnish Sauna. 

Examples of our sauna services:

Treating sauna: herbal massage treatments, herbal scrubs, baths and wraps, including the herbal treatment package given to the customer.

Traditional whisking with at least two whisks, including whisk washing.

Seasonal saunas: New Moon sauna ritual, Kekrisauna, Women's Week sauna, Spring thanksgiving sauna, Christmas sauna, Kalevalan Akka's Selkäsauna, Auterettare's evening sauna.

We can produce these to match the Kalevala theme with traditional rituals and spells.

Bridal sauna including rites of passage, pampering of the bride.

Pampering sauna for couples

Customized traditional sauna rituals

These services can be provided beside a clear water lake with evening snack on extra cost.

Services are available in English.